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The Mindful Studio

Coming Soon! Bring mindfulness and expressive arts practices to the classroom. This new book introduces mindfulness-based expressive arts practices to teachers. Discover a plethora of tools to offer students that will enhance their creative process and encourage them to be open to their emotional life.

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Experience Art

Available in digital and print formats, Experience Art is filled with opportunities to build critical thinking skills as students make choices about what they create using contemporary and traditional approaches to artmaking. Using theme-based learning and organized around essential questions, this program is designed to help students express their ideas and feelings through meaningful artmaking and see themselves as part of the learning process.

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Experience Clay, Third Edition

Available in print and digital formats., the brand-new edition of Experience Clay highlights a wide variety of processes including hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques, firing, and mixed media. Encourage students to discover their unique styles and interests through ceramics. Each chapter provides an opportunity to engage students with nontraditional approaches with ceramics, career profiles, and all-new studio experiences filled with choice.

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SchoolArts Collection: Contemporary Art

The next title in the SchoolArts Collection, Contemporary Art, is filled with lessons that will encourage your students to learn about, respond to, and create contemporary art. Organized into chapters on Identity, Social and Emotional Issues, and Collaboration, you’ll find studio lessons based on concepts and essential questions. Engage students in projects that are meaningful and discover what their voices add to the contemporary conversation.

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Race and Art Education

This title in the Art Education in Practice Series addresses issues of race in an accessible style with a focus on classroom practice. This book aims to provide a well-informed introduction to essential concepts, vocabularies, strategies, and methods for engaging race and racialized human differences in a constructive, equity-oriented manner.

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Artmaking, Play, and Meaning Making

This new title in the Art Education in Practice Series explores the use of play as a method for provoking new ways of thinking. Play is often considered in terms of young children or as a diversion for older students, author Sydney Walker invites us to consider play as a productive agent that works to evoke diverse thought and challenges students to move beyond traditional artmaking.

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Professional Development

Davis now offers effective, engaging, and relevant professional learning developed by master art educators. Visit our Professional Development page to learn about our workshops and courses with ongoing coaching presented virtually or in person! We understand the need to refine your instructional practices. Make sure the courses you choose support your ultimate goal—to help students succeed.

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K12ArtChat the podcast

A podcast for K–12 art educators interested in connecting with colleagues and ideas. Each episode, hosted by Matt and Laura Grundler, takes you backstage with guest hosts from #K12ArtChat to dig into the latest art education innovations and resources. You’ll find tips, tools, and inspiration to keep you connected and moving forward.

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2022/23 Davis Catalog

The 2022/23 Davis Catalog is packed with new titles and programs to keep you inspired and prepared whether you are teaching online, in a classroom, or using a hybrid model. Request a print copy today or browse through it online today!

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Get Your FREE Art Advocacy Planner

The 2023/24 Advocacy Planner will be available in April. Reserve your planner today, and we will ship them as soon as they are in stock.

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Planner Submissions

Each year, we create a planning calendar full of artist birthdays, holidays, quotes, and advocacy and distribute it to art teachers all over the country during conferences and special events. The cover always showcases student artwork! How great would it be to see your students’ art used? Check out the link below to read the regulations and instructions to submit your student art for consideration.

Want to share this information? Download the flyer here.

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Artist Birthdays

Wondering if today is an artist’s birthday? Check our monthly calendar to find out. Can’t check back every day? That’s okay! We made it printable for you!

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