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Davis Select

Products created by artists and authors to inspire, educate, and move people in ways only Art can. Visit the Davis Select pages and discover curated items that have been hand selected for their unique ability to illustrate creativity and artistic expression.

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Professional Development

Davis now offers effective, engaging, and relevant professional learning developed by master art educators. Visit our Professional Learning Opportunities page to learn about our workshops and courses with ongoing coaching presented virtually or in person!

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Communicating through Graphic Design, 2nd Edition

Explore what’s packed into the brand-new edition of Communicating through Graphic Design! Highlighting the importance of idea generation and decision making the expanded second edition presents one of the leading art careers to high school students in an accessible and engaging format.

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The Visual Experience, 4th Edition

Discover how the newest edition of our most popular high school art textbook, The Visual Experience, will engage your students with art in more personal and meaningful ways.

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Art Education Funding Webinar

Learn the steps to effectively apply for grants, and download resources for completing the application.

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SchoolArts Collection, Media Arts

Discover new ideas for using new media and digital technology in your art room. Discover lessons from beginner to advanced.

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Collaborative Tape Art

Create collaborative art experiences for your students. With tape art, you build confidence and motivate them to develop innovative solutions to design challenges.

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PiktoTape is the first ever tape designed specifically for drawing. Created with the help of professional tape artists, PiktoTape is the best tape for creating large-scale, collaborative murals on walls—indoors and out!

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Artist Birthdays

Wondering if today is an artist’s birthday? Check our monthly calendar to find out. Can’t check back every day? That’s okay! We made it printable for you!

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Art Acts

Monthly art prompts to inspire creativity. Participate each month, either individually or with your students! Simply choose the media you’d like to use, and create something tied to the monthly theme. Submit your artwork, and it could be featured in SchoolArts magazine, the Davis Advocacy Planner, or on the Davis website and social media channels.

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Planner Submissions

Each year, we create a planning calendar full of artist birthdays, holidays, quotes, and advocacy and distribute it to art teachers all over the country during conferences and special events. The cover always showcases student artwork! How great would it be to see your students’ art used? Check out the link below to read the regulations and instructions to submit your student art for consideration.

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Beautiful Stuff from Nature

Discover ideas for using natural materials to enrich your classroom from early childhood educators across North America challenged to explore the outdoors with their students.

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