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Experience Art

By Marilyn G. Stewart

Filled with opportunities to build critical thinking skills and choice, this brand-new program for grades 7–8 is designed to help students express their ideas and feelings through meaningful artmaking and see themselves as part of the learning process.

A comprehensive overview of a chapter from Experience Art, including Table of Contents, lessons, and teacher support.

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Experience Art

Developed to address the ever-changing needs of increasingly diverse student populations, Experience Art provides students with meaningful artmaking experiences that underscore the relevance of art in their lives and reveal the important role it plays in cultures around the world. Experience Art is designed specifically to engage middle school learners at a personal, community, and global level through thought-provoking themes and inquiry-based learning.

Instructional materials that build knowledge, skills, and learner agency put students on a path of inquiry that matters, and Experience Art has been created to do just that! A wide range of dynamic studio activities emphasizing issues and ideas that are relevant to middle schoolers provide hands-on learning filled with choice.

Exciting contemporary art, a huge array of student art, dynamic studio activities, and exemplary resources that support educators make Experience Art the most relatable and relevant resource available for middle school!

Program Features:

  • Theme-Based Learning with units such as Messages and Identity to underscore the relevance of art in students’ lives.
  • Lessons organized around Essential Questions to provide students with opportunities to connect what they learn to the real world.
  • Process-Based Studios to emphasizes the importance of thinking, planning, and reflection in creating original artworks.
  • Dynamic Artmaking opportunities designed to empower students to take ownership and become active participants in their learning.
  • Choice-Based methods that empower students to make choices about what they create and build critical thinking skills.
  • Structure that supports flexibility. Use lessons independently or take advantage of the spiraling content to scaffold students’ knowledge and skills.
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