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Learn about The Visual Experience or Exploring Visual Design for Art I, and the Davis Studio Series, along with our Resource Books designed for the high-school art educator.

The Visual Experience
High School

The Visual Experience

By Emily Jean Hood and Joe Fusaro

The Visual Experience is the leading visual art curriculum in the country, with more images of student artwork, art by women artists, and contemporary and multicultural art than any comparable high-school art curriculum.

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The Davis Studio Series
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The Davis Studio Series

Davis Publications

The popular Davis Studio Series fits art teachers’ diverse instructional needs, teaching styles, and classroom configurations while encouraging students to explore their own unique styles and interests.

Titles in this studio art curriculum series include: Communicating through Graphic Design, Experience Clay, Focus on Photography, Experience Printmaking, Discovering Drawing, Beginning Sculpture, Exploring Painting.

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Discovering Art History
High School

Discovering Art History

By Gerald F. Brommer

This outstanding art history textbook will show students how the visual arts serve to shape and reflect ideas, issues, and themes from the time of the first cave paintings to the twenty-first century.

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Exploring Visual Design High School

Exploring Visual Design

By Joseph A. Gatto, Albert W. Porter, and Jack Selleck

The Fourth Edition of Exploring Visual Design is a comprehensive immersion into the building blocks of art. Each chapter focuses on a different element or principle of design, including: line, shape and form, balance, and movement and rhythm.

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Resource Books High School

Resource Books

Everything you need to teach basic concepts and techniques while nurturing creativity through experimentation, reflection, and exploration.

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