RGB/CMY Digital Color Wheel

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RGB/CMY Digital Color Wheel

By Petronio Bendito

Peek inside the book:

Artists and designers alike use color wheels to determine color relationships, but digital media is changing how we use and see color. The RGB/CMY Digital Color Wheel poster is a tool created to broaden understanding about how colors are produced digitally for computer screens and related digital media. Designed to expand upon the traditional color systems used for media arts and design, the poster provides a way to visualize digital color relationships such as analogous, complementary, and triads.

Hang the vibrant full color 18x24 poster in an area of your art room that can be seen from everywhere and is easily accessible to all students. Use the companion landing page to access in depth resources for educators in search of innovative approaches for teaching digital color.

Teaching resources include an introductory video and comprehensive guide with:

  • Additional Video Instruction
  • Practical Lessons
  • Digital Color Mixing Tutorials
  • Detailed Explanations of Contemporary Color Systems

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