Ethical Decision-Making in
Art Education

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A braid with the words Applied ethics, Normative ethics, Metaethics on each strand to represent the book Ethical Decision-Making in Art Education

By Christina Bain, Ph.D.

This new addition to the Art Education in Practice Series is developed to help all art educators (including practicing art teachers, museum educators, preservice students, university educators, scholars, and community educators) understand how beliefs, values, and morals form the cornerstone of ethical decision-making practice in Art Educator’s professional lives. Grounded in ethics research, this book will help readers develop ethical decision-making strategies that are crucial for practitioners.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Ethical Navigation for Art Educators
  • Chapter 1: Becoming Ethically Literate
  • Chapter 2: Applied Ethics for Educators
  • Chapter 3: Morals and Values
  • Chapter 4: Educator’s Codes of Ethics
  • Chapter 5: Practicing Ethical Reasoning Skills
  • Chapter 6: Following an Ethical Path
  • Appendix I: Core Value Activity
  • Appendix II: Extrapolate! Ethics Card Game
  • Appendix III: Resources

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