SchoolArts Magazine

Most Recent Issue: March 2024


Editor's Letter

Co-Editors’ Letter: Mindfulness by Jane Dalton and Kristi Oliver

Early Childhood Elementary

The Mindful Art of Keeping Others in Mind by Ruth Byrne


Mindfulness in Motion by Marci L. Drury


Redrawing the Classroom as a Model of Mindfulness by Dani Schechner

Middle School

The Garden of Joy by Pooja Nair

Middle School

The Flower of Life by Raine Dawn Valentine

High School

The Senses Project by Robin Brewer

High School

The Gratitude Project by Tim Needles

The Mindful Studio

Mindfulness Meditation: 5-4-3-2-1 by Jane Dalton

Contemporary Art in Context

Self-Mythology by Karl Cole and Robb Sandagata

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