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Exploring Visual Design

By Joseph A. Gatto, Albert W. Porter, and Jack Selleck

The Fourth Edition of Exploring Visual Design is a comprehensive immersion into the building blocks of art. Each chapter focuses on a different element or principle of design, including: line, shape and form, balance, and movement and rhythm.

This comprehensive video takes you through a complete chapter in the Student Book and Teacher Edition to give you a complete view of the lessons and wealth of teacher content included in this powerful resource.

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Exploring Visual Design
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Exploring Visual Design

Exploring Visual Design is a dynamic introduction to design appreciation and exploration using the elements and principles of design, suitable for introductory level high school art courses or middle school electives. Each of the 12 chapters focuses on one element or principle and provides students with a solid foundation in visual concepts and processes. Exploring Visual Design highlights artworks with wide-ranging subject matter from notable historic and contemporary artists and cultures. Each chapter includes an engaging, relevant Studio Experience and Career Profile.

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