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In each of the SchoolArts Collection titles, SchoolArts editor Nancy Walkup and the editorial team from Davis Publications compile articles written by experienced art educators sharing their expertise. Each title, focused on a specific topic, is designed to help educators understand and implement lessons about that topic in their own classrooms.

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Titles in the collection include:

Cover of the early childhood art lessons book, SchoolArts Collection: Early Childhood
early childhood art lessons

SchoolArts Collection: Early Childhood

Discover diverse lessons based on theoretic foundations commonly used in Early Childhood programs, such as the Reggio Emilia approach and Choice-based or Play-based Art Education. Developed and taught by art teachers from around the country, these lessons reflect child-centered approaches to art education for the youngest students. With this title, you’ll enjoy lessons that illustrate an exploratory approach to encountering artist’s tools, materials, and ways of working with an emphasis on discovery and creativity.

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Cover of the STEAM art lessons book, SchoolArts Collection: STEAM
early childhood art lessons

SchoolArts Collection: STEAM

Guide student inquiry and build critical thinking skills with STEAM—the meaningful integration of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. The second title in our SchoolArts Collection showcases our favorite STEAM lessons created by experienced art teachers for SchoolArts magazine. Students participate in engaging experiences to develop 21st-century skills such as creativity and imagination, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. 139 pages, softcover

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Cover of the media arts lessons book, SchoolArts Collection: Media Arts
early childhood art lessons

SchoolArts Collection: Media Arts

Discover inspiration and ideas for existing media arts programs or find help incorporating digital processes and new technologies in your classroom. Learn from experienced educators specializing in new media and technology as they share best practices and lessons for beginner to advanced levels that will help you understand and thrive in this emerging area of art education. ISBN: 978-16416-4040-4, 141 pages, softcover, grades 8–12

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Cover of the contemporary art lessons book, SchoolArts Collection: Contemporary Art
early childhood art lessons

SchoolArts Collection: Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art, is filled with lessons that will encourage your students to learn about, respond to, and create contemporary art. Organized into chapters on Identity, Social and Emotional Issues, and Collaboration, you’ll find studio lessons based on concepts and essential questions. Engage students in projects that are meaningful and discover what their voices add to the contemporary conversation.

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