Restorative Practices in Education through the Arts

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Edited by Lisa Kay, Donalyn Heise, and Beverly Johns

This soon-to-be-released title investigates the myriad of ways arts address trauma-related issues, with a particular focus on healing beyond adversity. Explore a collection of essays from experts in the field that examine the restorative qualities of the arts.

Discover practical examples and strategies that deal with the rise in stress and trauma in youth and adults across K16 classrooms and community settings. Learn research-based best practices for restorative methods as well as:

  • mind / body practices and interventions
  • meaning making using the creative process
  • creative healing practices
  • building social / emotional resilience

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:

  • Introduction
  • Practice-Based Reflective Narrative: The Bowl of Light by Alice E. Palen

Chapter 2:

  • The Power of Youth Voice by Meagan Corrado
  • Practice-Based Reflective Narrative: Artroom as Sanctuary by Jessica Kirker

Chapter 3:

  • Connection Is Key by Zoe Fejeran and Olivia Spiers
  • Practice-Based Reflective Narrative: Mindfulness Techniques to Reduce Stress by Jenalee A. Hinds

Chapter 4:

  • Building Resilience through Movement and Dance by Zsuzsanna Horváth and Anikó Illés
  • Practice-Based Reflective Narrative: Supporting Grieving Students through the Arts by Harlie Blauw

Chapter 5:

  • Drawing from the SELF by Rebecca Miller
  • Practice-Based Reflective Narrative: Crafting Empathy through Puppetry by Felice Amato

Chapter 6:

  • Resilience Is Social and Emotional Development by Kathryn Snyder
  • Practice-Based Reflective Narrative: Illuminating Hope and Sharing Youth Voices by Wendy Miller

Chapter 7:

  • Trauma-Sensitive Visual Arts Programs by Alicia Gray
  • Practice-Based Reflective Narrative: Building Community Resilience by Zack Tucker and Stephanie Danker

Chapter 8:

  • Ritual as Restorative Practice by Veronica Hicks
  • Practice-Based Reflective Narrative: Mending Walls by Caitlin Black and Courtnie Wolfgang

Chapter 9:

  • Influence of Social-Emotional Learning by Harlie Blauw
  • Practice-Based Reflective Narrative: Art Pedagogical Practice for Preventative Care by Hannah Richardson

Chapter 10:

  • Leveraging the Power of the Arts for Students’ Mental Health by Eunjung Chang, Ryan Shin, and Ah Ran Koo
  • Practice-Based Reflective Narrative: The Listening Loom by Kathryn Pannepacker, Tieshka Smith, and Rosa McAllister

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