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The Visual Experience

By Emily Jean Hood and Joe Fusaro

The Visual Experience is the leading visual art curriculum in the country, with more images of student artwork, art by women artists, and contemporary and multicultural art than any comparable high-school art curriculum.

A comprehensive overview of a chapter of The Visual Experience, including Table of Contents, lessons, and teacher support.

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The Visual Experience, 4th Edition
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The Visual Experience, 4th Edition

By Emily Jean Hood and Joe Fusaro

Chapter Features:

Explore Chapter 3.6 on Evolving Ideas.

Explore Chapter 3.7 on Responding to Art.

Explore Chapter 3.10’s Career Profile.

Explore Chapter 7.15’s Studio Experience.

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The Visual Experience is a comprehensive introductory visual art curriculum for grades 9–12 that integrates art criticism, aesthetics, art history, and art production. The fourth edition includes diverse contemporary art, postmodern principles, elements and principles, digital media, and all-new studios. Authors and expert art educators Emily Hood and Joe Fusaro have created an engaging program that balances in-depth content with meaningful opportunities to create and contemplate art. Integrated art history, evolving ideas in art, and art career profiles featured in each chapter work with Essential Questions to focus learning and inquiry throughout the book. Classroom-tested studios provide a strong focus on process and ideation and offer more student choice and opportunities for reflection.

Introduce students to the fundamental skills and methods of visual art with this program, designed to capture the attention of all students and engage them with art in more personal and meaningful ways.

Curriculum Features

  • 40 Studio lessons developed specifically to engage high school students
  • Essential Questions to focus learning in each chapter with information for connecting the Essential Question to the lesson content in the Teacher Edition
  • Hundreds of thought-provoking fine art images from around the world and across time
  • Art Career Profiles in every chapter
  • Strong emphasis on Contemporary Art
  • Step-by-step Art Criticism as well as alternative methods for students to engage with art
  • Interdisciplinary connections and integrated Art History
  • Point-of-use rubrics to support student self-assessment
  • Lesson extensions and additional teaching content on all artists featured in the book
  • Differentiated instruction including Spanish support each chapter

Table of Contents

  • Part One: Introduction to Art
  • Chapter 1: What Is Art?
  • Chapter 2: Engaging with Art
  • Part Two: 21st Century Elements and Principles
  • Chapter 3: The Evolving Elements of Art and Principles of Design
  • Chapter 4: The Power of Line, Shape, and Form
  • Chapter 5: Sharing Ideas through Value, Color, Space, and Texture
  • Chapter 6: Exploring Sound and Time
  • Chapter 7: Principles of Design
  • Part Three: Media Choices
  • Chapter 8: Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking
  • Chapter 9: Media Arts
  • Chapter 10: Sculpture and Other Three-Dimensional Art
  • Chapter 11: Stretching Boundaries
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