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Davis Digital provides the K–12 Curriculum from Davis Publications online! It’s perfect for remote, traditional, and hybrid classroom environments. The Davis Digital platform allows students and teachers remote or in-class access to lessons, fine art images, videos, and Portfolios from any computer or tablet with an Internet connection. Easily work from home, the classroom, a computer lab, or any combination!

Wondering about the technical requirements? Consult our technical information page.

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The Davis eBooks include intuitive controls and the ability to zoom in on any image up to 300% to focus on texture, techniques, and other details! View thumbnails of every page or search the books for any keyword, such as the name of an artist, theme, or a specific element or principle.

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Easily customize your portfolios.

  • Share student artwork with parents, community members, and colleagues.
  • Showcase your professional accomplishment and personal artwork.
  • Extend learning outside of the classroom with links to videos, galleries, and information.
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Customize your curriculum and content.

  • Create customized lessons with everything you need in one place: content from Davis eBooks, easy-to-format text modules, examples of student artwork, fine art images, videos, and links to websites and galleries.
  • Include documents such as Word files and PDFs that can be easily shared and downloaded by students or colleagues.
  • Develop comprehensive lessons that you can use in subsequent years.
Davis Art Images

Davis Art Images

Each purchase of an eBook class set on Davis Digital comes with full access to our fine art images library! Easily access digital images to introduce or extend any lesson or concept. Choose from image sets correlated to each lesson or from our collection showcasing artwork created across time and from cultures around the world. Visit the Davis Art Images page to learn more.

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Student Accounts

Student Accounts

Access student eBooks from school or home on computer, tablet, or iPad.

  • Easily search for content.
  • Create and share Portfolios to document their artwork.
  • Share written reflections and statements about their work or the work of others.
  • Collaborate on Portfolios for group projects.
  • Organize the content you want students to focus on for each class (lessons, images, videos, and other documents) in Lessons.
SchoolArts Magazine

SchoolArts Magazine

Written by art educators for art educators!

Each purchase of an eBook class set includes a one-year subscription to SchoolArts magazine. SchoolArts is a national art education magazine committed to promoting excellence, advocacy, and professional support for educators in the visual arts.

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