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2023/24 Davis Catalog

Making your program more visible can show your community the importance of art education and the work you do. But HOW do you make your program more visible? Yes, it all boils down to showcasing your students’ work! But it’s more than that right? Because art education is more than the final product, it’s about thinking and exploration. Art education is about the process of learning.

The Davis Catalog is packed with programs and resources to help you showcase your students’ work and make their learning process VISIBLE! As you work on this goal throughout the year, we invite you to explore the many resources Davis provides. Discover the wide variety of digital and print instructional materials that support creative processes and student development.

Fill out the form to get a print copy or use the browse button to view the catalog online. AND, if you’re searching for more widespread visibility for your program? We can help there too! Check out the links to explore three avenues for achieving nationwide exposure!

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