Therapeutic Approaches in Art Education

Art Education in Practice Series

By Lisa Kay

Working with students who have experienced adversity and trauma can be challenging. Therapeutic Approaches in Art Education is a practical guide for those who wish to support therapeutic art making in their practice. Discover trauma-informed approaches that can be applied to a typical classroom setting—urban, rural, or suburban—and address marginalized populations. While you will not become an art therapist, this book will help you gain a better understanding of art therapy and how to support your students in thoughtful, holistic ways. 186 pages, softcover

“As an art therapist and art educator, I often teach curriculum which incorporates therapeutic approaches in art education pedagogy. This book is a tremendous asset that provides a user-friendly guide to therapeutic aspects of teaching including definitions of trauma-informed teaching and overlaps between art education and art therapy. Dr. Kay’s book explains the differences between the professions but also how one can compliment the other.”
—Annie McFarland, Ph.D., ATR-BC, College of Creative Arts, West Virginia University

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Spectrum of Trauma
  • Chapter 2: Demands, Challenges, and Rewards of Urban Art Education
  • Chapter 3: Trauma-Informed Approaches: Characteristics, Principles, Models
  • Chapter 4: Foundations and Intersections of Art Therapy and Art Education
  • Chapter 5: Curricular Framework
  • Chapter 6: Art Experiences PLAYbook
  • Chapter 7: Taking Care of Others and Ourselves: What Art Teachers Can Do

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