Mindful Arts in the Classroom

The Mindful Studio

By Jane E. Dalton

Art has the power to transform students’ lives. Visual art is a powerful tool, integrating the cognitive and affective realms in education, and offering an embodied learning experience that can support students in an increasingly complex world. With the multitude of demands and distractions from the outer world, it is even more fundamental that students cultivate an inner life.

This book introduces mindfulness-based expressive arts practices to teachers. Bringing mindfulness practices and expressive arts practices to the classroom offers students tools to enhance their creative process and encourage them to be open to their emotional life. Students may also become more engaged and focused on the task at hand. Imagine a classroom where all students feel safe to simply show up, be present to all facets of their amazing and growing beings, and respond through creative and mindful practices.

What Is the Mindful Studio?

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: What Is the Mindful Studio?
  • Chapter 2: Expressive Arts, Creativity, and Mindfulness
  • Chapter 3: The Art of Self-Care
  • Chapter 4: The Mindful Studio and the Whole Student
  • Meditations

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