Experience Clay

Third Edition

By Maureen Mackey

The expanded Experience Clay program is a powerful resource for ceramics teachers and students covering a wide variety of processes and topics, including hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques, firing, and mixed media. Students are encouraged to discover their unique styles and interests while also learning about ancient traditions and innovations in ceramics throughout history.

Each chapter provides an opportunity to engage students with nontraditional approaches with ceramics in contemporary art. The third edition includes all-new studio experiences featuring opportunities for student choice and a new chapter, The Art of Ceramics, that provides an overview of elements and principles, postmodern principles, and the aesthetics of ceramic artworks.

Program Features

  • In-depth Studio Experiences that engage and challenge students.
  • Photographs and illustrations that detail fundamental techniques, from combining forms to raku firing.
  • Outstanding examples of student artwork.
  • An entire chapter dedicated to firing, including outdoor and alternative processes.
  • Interviews with professional ceramic artists and sculptors.
  • An in-depth Student Handbook with essential information on repairs, clay bodies, firing, and more.
  • Art history profiles that chronicle significant cultural influences.
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