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SchoolArts Collection: Contemporary Art

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Grades 8–12

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By SchoolArts magazine

Amy Sherald, Nick Cave, Beth Cavener, Yung Jake—these are just a few of the contemporary artists SchoolArts magazine has featured in its pages. Every issue presents contemporary artists and artwork because the diversity in expression, and the uncountable cultural, ethnic, gender, and social influences behind contemporary art, allows teachers to provide increasingly diverse student bodies with a broad range of artistic expression.

The next title in the SchoolArts Collection, Contemporary Art, is filled with lessons that will encourage your students to learn about, respond to, and create contemporary art. Organized into chapters on Identity, Social Issues, Collaboration, and Nontraditional Processes. You’ll also find studio lessons based on concepts and essential questions. Engage students in projects that are meaningful and discover what their voices add to the contemporary conversation.

Table of Contents

  • Part 1: Identity
  • Part 2: Social Issues
  • Part 3: Collaboration
  • Part 4: Nontraditional Processes

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