Sharing Student Success: Get Published

By Frank Juarez, posted on Sep 1, 2018

Managing an art classroom is no different than managing an art gallery. Both communicate a mission and a vision. We work with artists/ students of all levels. We provide resources that will aid in their personal and professional growth. We help nurture their artistic voice. We acknowledge their successes, and we listen and provide guidance when they fail.

My students have learned that art is more than just about production and finished pieces—it is a process. It is a way to communicate what they think and feel through their work, writing, and speaking. They have also learned that art is a business, and that their work has value.

In the world of managing an art gallery, one of the best ways to give artists the acknowledgment they deserve is to have them published in print, whether it’s in the local newspaper, an art publication, or national magazine. For many, this is a daunting task. One way of tackling this in the artroom is to put yourself and your students’ work out there. People will notice.

These students are the creative minds of tomorrow. What better way to acknowledge this than to have their work published in SchoolArts magazine?

Frank Juarez is the head of the art department at Sheboygan North High School in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, a contributing editor for SchoolArts, and director at the Frank Juarez Gallery.

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