Art Advocacy Articles


Summer 2020
Artistry in the Sand
Leigh Drake

May 2020
The Documentary as Art
Nicholas Kuhar

May 2020
Creating Visual Reminders
Keriann Kirkeng

March 2020
Imprints on the Snow
Lisa Gilman

February 2020
School-wide Art Advocacy
Samual J. Ayers


December 2019
The Visual Art Scholastic Event
Mel Basham and Sara Chapman

November 2019
The Power of Curiosity
Lonell Klina

October 2019
Putting It Together
Keith Mason

September 2019
Why Art Really Matters to Me
Melody Weintraub

Summer 2019
Leaving Their Mark
Ilona Szekely

April 2019
The Poetry of Ekphrasis
Sylvia Cavanaugh

March 2019
The Fifth Arts Discipline
Martin Rayala

February 2019
Making as Being
Carrie Nordland


December 2018
The Art All-State Model
Kristi Oliver

October 2018
Let’s Play
Janis Doukakis

September 2018
Sharing Student Successes:
Get Published

Frank Juarez

Summer 2018
Art + Community + Design
Eldon Katter

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