PiktoTape™ FAQs

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What is PiktoTape™?

PiktoTape™ is the only tape specifically for drawing. Designed by renowned street artists of The Tape Art Crew, PiktoTape™ is the best tape for creating large-scale, collaborative murals on walls.

Who is the Tape Art Crew?

The artists of the Tape Art Crew have been creating murals using low-adhesive tapes on walls around the world for over 30 years. They have taught collaborative tape drawing to over 50,000 participants in communities of all types.

What is special about PiktoTape™?

PiktoTape™ is designed to make drawing with tape go beyond only straight lines. Its elongation allows for smooth curving. Its paper backing makes it easy to rip by hand. Its extra thickness compared to other low-adhesive tapes allows for a rich color and texture on the wall. Its adhesive is spongy so that it will stick to dusty or dirty walls while still removing clean.

Will the tape damage our walls?

PiktoTape™ is designed not to harm most surfaces and to be applied and removed without a trace. It is rated as a super low adhesive 10-day clean removal tape. Test before use on a discrete section of wall.

Where can I find examples of PiktoTape™ murals created on different wall surfaces?

Please reference the video above for images of PiktoTape™ in action at The Contemporary Resort in Disney World.

Is there a letter of recommendation available?

Yes! Here is a letter of recommendation for the tape and its use from an organization The Tape Art Crew has worked with consistently for almost two decades.

Is PiktoTape™ recyclable?

PiktoTape™ is widely recyclable. Because recycling guidelines vary across the country, it is recommended that you speak with your local center. They may ask you to break up the removed tape into manageable portions for recycling.

How much PiktoTape™ do I need?

Use this chart as a guide to determine the amount of tape you’ll need for each workshop you’re planning.

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