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Joe Fusaro

Author Joe Fusaro

Joe Fusaro is the Senior Education Advisor for Art21, producers of the award-winning PBS series, Art in the Twenty-First Century. At Art21, in addition to his work writing the education resources available for teachers, he has also helped shape the popular Art21 Educators program over the past 11 years. Fusaro is an exhibiting artist and educator. He serves as the Visual Arts Department Chair for the Nyack Public Schools in New York and is an adjunct professor for New York University’s Graduate Program in Art and Art Professions.

Fusaro has taught in New York public schools for the past 30 years, facilitated workshops and professional development sessions about teaching with contemporary art at schools, universities, and museums across the United States, and has written about approaches to teaching with contemporary art, often co-authoring articles with his close friend and colleague, Jessica Hamlin.

Fusaro is co-author of The Visual Experience, published by Davis Publications.

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