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Art Teaching & Learning: An Art Advocate’s Journal

By Eldon Katter

Stories from Davis author, past SchoolArts editor, and past NAEA President, Eldon Katter. In this book, Eldon shares experiences that touch on almost every aspect of art education with connections to both his own and others’ scholarship.

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Eldon Katter was SchoolArts editor for over 10 years.

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Art Teaching & Learning: An Art Advocate's Journal

Art Teaching & Learning: An Art Advocate's Journal

A book for teachers with no footnotes? No bibliography? No references? Yes. That’s correct. It’s not that kind of book. This title documents Eldon Katter’s journal of observations, reflections, art advocacy, and ideas about the ways and whys of art teaching and learning. It’s a causerie—an engaging, though none too rigorous informal collection—of short essays and poems, penned over four decades, that should interest art workers both inside and outside the field of art education—the people who engage others in exploring, understanding, preserving, and improving our rapidly changing visual culture. Simply put, this book is food for thought, reflection, and discussion about the importance of art in everyday life.

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