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Creating Safe Zones for ALL Students

By Toni Henneman, posted on Nov 24, 2020

In order to learn and thrive students must feel protected and supported. Now more than ever our students need us to craft spaces that are predictable, joyful, and safe environments where ALL students have a sense of belonging and significance.

Creating Safe Zones for ALL Students

In our third episode of K12ArtChat the podcast, hosts Matt and Laura Grundler (The Creativity Department) interview Paul Kretchmer, the Visual Arts Instructional Coordinator for Austin ISD in Texas. Paul speaks about being his true self and the importance of creating inclusive and safe environments for students to do the same. During this time where students may be faced with losing the sense of security from being in the physical art room, it is even more important to provide environments where every student feels engaged, empowered, respected, and ready to learn.

How can we build these safe and supportive learning environments? Where do you find resources to help you craft such spaces? Check out the podcast episode mentioned above and these additional information-FILLED resources: