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4 Ways to Build Your Own Community

By Toni Henneman, posted on Oct 31, 2019

We all know being an art teacher can be isolating. This makes collaboration even more difficult than it naturally is.

Building a local art community can benefit you and your students

Even in a great school in a supportive district, there are moments when you’re not sure there’s anyone within a 4,000-mile radius who understands what you do. The best way to overcome this is build a community you can draw from, start small, start locally, and keep reaching out. Try one of these ideas to get started:

  1. Make friends with the school custodians. They can help you gather useful stuff that usually gets thrown away.
  2. Put on an art show and invite the whole community. If you meet some enthusiastic parents, artists, or local art lovers invite them to help plan your next show.
  3. Make contact with art teachers in nearby schools. Organize a get-together with them once a month; you can trade ideas and experiences, share materials, laugh, cry and VENT.
  4. Attend an art education conference. Being surrounded by hundreds of teachers who know exactly how you feel is well worth the price of attending.