Experience Art

by Marilyn G. Stewart

A BRAND-NEW Middle School art curriculum is COMING SOON! Give your students meaningful artmaking experiences that illustrate the significance of art and visual culture in their lives. Experience Art is designed specifically to help all students express their ideas and feelings through art and see themselves as part of the learning process.

Available in both print and digital formats, this program provides:

Theme-Based Learning
Unit themes such as Messages and Identity underscore the relevance of art in students’ lives.

Essential Questions
Lessons organized around Essential Questions encourage students to explore Big Ideas that unite all people and connect what they learn to their lives.

Process-Based Studios
Lessons emphasizing the importance of thinking, planning, and reflection move students beyond isolated learning activities and foster divergent outcomes.

Lessons that empower students to make choices about what they create build critical thinking skills.

Experience Art is now available for purchase. Learn more.

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