Making Artists

Making Artists by Melissa Purtee and Ian SandsGrades 9–12

By Melissa Purtee and Ian Sands

A comprehensive look at how and why a student-directed classroom is essential for the development of the student artist in the 21st century. Making Artists picks up where The Open Art Room left off, covering issues and situations choice teachers encounter as they design their program. This text provides tested methods for working through specific situations including room design, material handling, student ideation, production, and assessment. Additionally, you will enjoy a new set of unit and lesson plans to implement as you develop student-directed classrooms. 247 pages, softcover

Peek inside the book:

“This book makes us re-frame our practice from teaching art to teaching for creativity. It prioritizes the classroom culture we create where artists gather to question, think and play.”
—Cindy Meyers Foley, Executive Deputy Director for Learning and Experience at the Columbus Museum of Art

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