Rules for Making Artists

18 x 24" Poster

Rules for Making Artists poster

Grades K–12

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By Melissa Purtee

In her book, Making Artists, co-authored with Ian Sands, Melissa Purtee lays out her method for teaching students with a range of abilities how to work as independent artists. While art happens in her class every day, she notes that it is not the goal of the time she spends with students. “My students are the goal, specifically, their minds. By the time they leave me, they will all think like artists. This requires thought, planning, and rules. In the busy day-to-day culture of school, it’s easy to forget what’s important to me as an educator, so I made a list of rules to stay centered. I look at them every day.” 

Post these reminders in your own classroom for all to see every day. The Rules for Making Artists poster (size 18x24) is the perfect piece to adorn your walls and show students that art opens a world of opportunity for them!

Read Melissa Purtee’s SchoolArts article to discover her eight rules for making artists.

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