Examples of Mail Art

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David Gran mail art exampleDavid Gran, Things on Shelves No. 7,
digital painting giclée print, 6 x 9"
Frank Juarez mail art exampleFrank Juarez, Pace,
mixed media, 3 x 4"
Nicole Brisco mail art exampleNicole Brisco
Donna Barnitz mail art exampleDonna Barnitz
Stephanie Butler mail art exampleStephanie Butler,
The Transition:
Full to Empty, Face to Face
to Online,
mixed media
collage book
Wendy McCoy mail art exampleWendy McCoy
Shantelle Kotowich mail art exampleJust Killing Time,
Shantelle Kotowich
Ashley Phipps mail art exampleAshley Phipps
Leigh Drake mail art exampleLeigh Drake, Uncertain Summer,
collage mixed media, 4 x 6"
Paul Connelly mail art examplePaul Connelly
Lee Danter mail art exampleLee Danter
Todd Coplin mail art exampleTodd Coplin
Harold Orlienz mail art exampleHarold Orlienz

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