Sculpture Program

Beginning Sculpture

By Arthur Williams

The Beginning Sculpture program explores a diverse range of media in sculpture, including traditional sculpting methods and the latest tools and techniques. The Studio Experiences in each chapter are designed to go beyond basic skills and enhance student learning through individual and group explorations. Lessons throughout the book focus on creating basic forms to develop technical skills through either additive (such as molding) or subtractive (such as carving) means.

Program Features:

  • A diverse range of techniques and media, from plaster casting to found-object assemblage.
  • Engaging historical and contemporary images ranging from the ancient sculptors of Mesoamerica to immersive installation experiences.
  • Thought-provoking historical profiles that help students understand their own place in art history.
  • In-depth analysis of using elements and principles to create three-dimensional artworks.
  • Detailed illustrations of fundamental techniques.
  • Contemporary career profiles of working sculptors.

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