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A SchoolArts ClipCard is an at-a-glance look at an art lesson broken into five simple steps. Think of a ClipCard as a quick one-day art lesson—perfect for substitute teachers or the end of the school year. It includes all of the essential components for teaching a successful art lesson—a big idea or essential question, an objective, materials needed, assessment options, and more.

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When writing a ClipCard, think about:

  • what big idea or essential question influenced your lesson.
  • the lesson objective and materials used.
  • how you would break your art lesson into five simple steps.
  • any questions an art teacher may have about your lesson.
  • further resources and extensions for enhancing the lesson.
  • providing a short assessment or reflection for students.
  • keep it to 250 words or less.
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Note: SchoolArts discourages the practice of simultaneously submitting the same materials to more than one publication.

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