Curricular Considerations

in Contemporary Art Education

Curricular Considerations in Contemporary Art Education

By Richard Kim


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Art is re-imagining the status quo, it is about hyper-awareness, self-reflection, critical examination, transformation, and innovation. Art Education is about reaching every kind of student and helping them be curious and expressive.

Receive 10 hours of professional development as you explore how to re-think what an art education program should accomplish for today's learners. Examine ways of encouraging students to make art that is not only authentic but truly their own as you re-think curriculum with art educator Richard Kim.

Dive into four modules that outline contemporary approaches for designing curricular components. Course work will address items such as:

  • What informs the direction of a lesson and how to develop those lessons?
  • How can we adjust our pedagogy to engage students in contemporary practices?
  • What Contemporary Art Practices are missing from K–12 Art curriculum?
  • How do you give permission to explore while building student confidence?

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