Fashion Fundamentals

Methods and Approaches to Teaching Fashion

Cover of the book, Fashion Fundamentals

Grades 6–12

Peek inside the book:

By Robin VandeZande, Terese Giobbia, Marjorie Wachowiak, Gretchen Kaine

Immerse students in design, problem-solving, and innovative thinking with fashion design. There are many careers in the field of fashion, but the ability to fully explore a problem and generate multiple solutions is a beneficial skill no matter what career a student chooses. Fashion Fundamentals covers methods and approaches to teaching fashion including design history, foundations, cultural and personal influences, and materials and tools. Lesson activities guide students through the process of developing original ideas using the creative process and building fundamental skills in clothing creation through hand- or machine-sewing techniques.

Table of Contents

  1. Fashion Then and Now
  2. Fashion Aesthetics
  3. Cultivating Artistic Voice
  4. Tools and Materials
  5. Designing Fashion Accessories
  6. Unconventional Fashion
  7. The Fashion Industry

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