Davis Desk

Pride All Year

By Barbara Place, posted on Jun 25, 2019

As Pride Month celebrations wind down for the year, we acknowledge the importance of recognizing diversity and inclusion throughout the year. Pride is the celebration and simple joy of being your truest self—every day—and at Davis we’re committed to this!

While this belief is represented in our content and resources, we understand there is always room to do more, show more, support more.

We know one of your greatest challenges is tailoring learning to the diverse needs of students in your classroom. We take that challenge seriously. That’s why we’re focused on representing diversity in our texts, committed to publishing perspectives from underheard voices, and working hard to develop content that includes creative opportunities to help students connect learning with their own life experiences.

Maybe you’ve seen on our social channels that all proceeds from the sale of SchoolArts magazine, during the month of June, will be donated to the Trevor Project with a 100% match from Davis Publications. This is one small way we’re showing our Pride this year. Another is by posting our commitment to inclusivity and diversity as part of our company mission. Please check it out here.

These are small declarations in a bigger discussion, we know that. But we are committed to keeping this dialogue open and continuous, and we invite you to join the conversation.