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What Can You Do with Just Paper, Scissors, and Glue? Lesson 1

By Nancy Walkup, posted on Oct 12, 2010

Because I had an email from a reader asking for lessons that didn't require much in the way of materials, I am going to post three of my favorite lessons that only take paper, scissors, and glue. I invite you all to contribute any lessons that use such materials. 


Show and discuss different styles and types of pop-ups. Robert Sabuda’s pop-up books are great for this. Demonstrate pop-up procedures. Discuss possible subjects for a pop-up face or creature.
Fold 9 x 12 paper in half like a book. Cut a horizontal line starting at the middle on the fold about halfway to the unfolded sides of the paper. Fold each cut back to make a 45 degree angle. Fold each cut the opposite way and then push out the "mouth."
Fold the paper again and lightly draw half of a simple shape for a face or body around the "mouth." Cut out. Carefully glue the face on a folded background paper. Add details with scraps of construction paper.

Students will:
                compare and contrast pop-up books and cards.
                create an original pop-up face or creature.
Materials and Resources
                9" x 12" assorted colored construction paper, 2 per student
               assorted colors of scraps of construction paper
This lesson is from Explorations in Art (Davis Publications), Grade 2, Pop-up Story, Studio Exploration for Lessons 23 and 24.