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We Are of This Place: The Pueblo Cultural Center

By Nancy Walkup, posted on Oct 18, 2016

Another new addition to our SchoolArts/CRIZMAC Tres Culturas experience next summer will be a visit to the Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque. This center represents the Eight Northern Pueblos in Northern New Mexico.

The main exhibit is called "We Are of This Place,"and beautifully represents the culture, traditions, and beliefs of the Pueblo Indian.

A model of a Pueblo firing.
A model of a pueblo.
 The educational component is quite extensive. These cushions look like adobe houses.
A storyteller.
An owl storyteller.
A bear storyteller.
One of the exhibits telling the history of the interaction of the Pueblo people and the Spanish.
Under the portal.

Sun-streaked mural.

In the courtyard.
Pueblo dances are held on a regular basis in the center of the courtyard, which is lined with murals.