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Visiting Zeny and Rina Fuentes in Oaxaca, Mexico

By Nancy Walkup, posted on Mar 24, 2016

It isn't too late to join the SchoolArts/CRIZMAC's Folk Art & Culture of Mexico in Oaxaca, Mexico June 26-July 2. 2016. One of our stops will be the home and workshop of noted folk artists Zeny and Rina Fuentes. Learn more about how to join us at

Zeno Fuentes carves his fanciful creatures from soft wood and his wife Rina and his daughters paint them.




Like many Oaxaca folk artists, the Fuentes live and work in an open air courtyard and home. Their daughters also work with them, painting many of the fanciful creatures Zeny carves. Folk art has provided them with an occupation.







 It is fantastic to go to artists' homes and see how they live and work.



You'll see artwork in many stages.  




And you can take photos and interact with the artists.