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The Santa Fe Recycled Art Festival: Part Two

By Nancy Walkup, posted on Dec 4, 2016

Part of the Santa Fe Recycled Art Festival was a student competition. The works created for this were all on display in the convention center as part of the festival. Perhaps these photos will give you some ideas of projects you could do with your students.

There were representatives from a variety of grade levels. This one was from 5th and 6th graders.
A wishing tree.
I loved the awards, made from CDs and other recycled items.
These frogs were inspired by a book.
These frogs reminded me of my first teaching job as I was left a huge number of egg cartons by the previous teacher.
More CDs.

Thanks to Bette Booth of Splash Trash Tour for telling me about the competition. Students she worked with were some of the winners.