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The Amplifier Foundation: Using Art for Social Change

By Nancy Walkup, posted on Jan 14, 2019

Amplifier is a design lab that builds art to amplify the voices of grassroots movements. We work with our community of social change partners to build symbols, language, and distribution strategies that can change the national narrative. We draw from a deep portfolio of artists to commission new art, then take the work and distribute it in unparalleled numbers through creative space hacks, reaching new audiences and driving real change.

We flip artists into activists, and observers into participants. Our experiments are built on a foundation of free and open source art, the unlimited possibilities within a human centered design process, and the potentials when analog and digital technology merge. Drawing from a newly formed education cohort of teachers in every state, and Stanford d.School Media designers, we build campaigns that can and do change the national narrative.

Our goal is to reclaim and rebuild an American identity rooted in equality, dignity, diversity, truth, and beauty. At Amplifier, we believe that each piece of art we create and distribute with our partners can be a compass that leads us away from the chaos and negativity of this polarizing time. 

Education Amplifier Program

Amplifier delivers messages of hope to those who need it the most through our Education Amplifiers project. Today’s K-12 students will be the teachers and voters of tomorrow. The path they walk will determine the future and we will continue to make the signposts marking that path. 

The Education Amplifier program provides an opportunity for community-rooted engagement by bringing Amplifier’s art as well as lesson plans and resources to drive social justice conversations in classrooms across the United States. Over 2,600 teachers are registered for the free program, and teachers are located in every state in the U.S. and all over the globe. You can register for the 2018-2019 Education Amplifier program to receive free We the Futureartwork and accompanying teaching tools to guide discussions of social justice and paths to action in your classrooms.

Even if you choose not to sign up for the Education Amplifer, you can download free posters for your classroom by Amplifier artists such as Shephard Fairey, Rommy Torrico, Munk One, and Kate DeCiccio here.

Register for Free to become an Education Amplifier

Free art downloads, and opportunities to receive physical art packs to help decorate your classroom for educators teaching in the U.S.

Access to the digital Education Amplifier classroom, with lesson plans, teaching tools, and templates to use in your classroom.

Monthly teaching tools for middle and high school classrooms built in collaboration with youth leaders, their nonprofits, and a network of thousands of educators.

Opportunity for your students to participate in theWe the Future >Op-Ed Open Call, essays about their visions of the future, exclusive to Education Amplifier cohort classrooms.

Connect to a national network of educators working to empower and develop the next generation of American leaders.

Learn how to bring art, dialogue, and cross-cultural understanding into your classroom by participating in our free Education Amplifier online course.