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The 2016 Tennessee Arts Academy

By Nancy Walkup, posted on Jul 11, 2016

This is my first time presenting at the Tennessee Arts Academy in Nashville and we've had a successful first full action-packed day. I'm working with upper middle school and high school teachers.

I'm focusing on the ephemera of art made from paper and other non-permanent materials. My group is  working on silhouettes that will be glued to hand-marbled paper. This silhouette is not finished but will be tomorrow. You can find my slide presentation for it here and my lesson plan here.
Participants took turns marbling paper to be used for the background of the silhouettes. These will have to dry overnight. We used Prang Freart large chalk for marbling over water. This STEAM lesson works because of surface tension. The chalk dust is lighter than the water so it floats on the top and then is transferred to the paper.
Though this silhouette has not been glued down yet, you can see how it will look when it is finished.
Another silhouette in progress. Everyone could choose their own theme or subject.
Cutting mats protect the table surface and make cutting easier.
Work in progress.
As a fundraiser for the TAA, five art teachers decorated donated guitars to be auctioned off.


My favorite.










And our after lunch speaker was Doc Severson. And this was only our first day!