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Santa Fe Japanese Cultural Festival

By Nancy Walkup, posted on Apr 16, 2016

Today in Santa Fe we went to the 12th Annual Japanese Cultural Festival, held at the convention center. It is fantastic to live in a place that is so multicultural -  I think there is some kind of festival every weekend.




There were performances, demonstrations, booths, and food, and plenty of children who came with their families.







One fun performance was of Taiko drummers, all energetic gray-haired people of retirement age. Bill and I are thinking about taking a class - it looks like lots of fun and good exercise.











We also got to experience a tea ceremony, adapted for a large number of people, complete with tea and sweets.




On our way back to the car, we stopped in a fancy optical shop, a bookstore/coffee shop, and a travel store/coffee shop. It also snowed, rained, and hailed on us today. Just another day in Santa Fe!