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One Of My Favorite Elementary Art

By Nancy Walkup, posted on May 6, 2014

Art For Small Hands by Julie Voigt


One of my favorite elementary art education blogs is Art for Small Hands by Julie Voigt. I especially like her philosophical thoughts on teaching art with children:





1) Instruct but do not do. Discuss a child's work. Demonstrate techniques. Share ideas. But do not touch the work itself.

2) Never start with a pre-cut shape. Never trace. Start from scratch. A child's circle will be more interesting than your own.

3) Quality materials and an organized, inviting workspace are an essential backdrop for creative chaos. Invest in good supplies and take time to set up.

4) Look. Look at the greats; no child is too young for art history. Look at the world; learning to make art is learning to see and find pleasure in details.

Julie posts interesting lesson ideas and numerous images that are well-photographed. I invite you to take a look at her site!