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Netiquette Essentials for Minding Your Manners

By Nancy Walkup, posted on Apr 10, 2019

Scott Steinberg's Netiquette Essentials: New Rules for Minding Your Manners in a Digital World gives good guidelines for conducting ourselves online:

Stay Classy: Be positive; if you wouldn’t say it in a social or work setting, don’t say it online.

Picture Perfect: Choose the images you share wisely. Don’t post embarrassing or poor quality images.

Beware the Overshare: if you cannot resist the urge to share, do so sparingly – and in the most vague, unspecific terms possible – for the sake of involved parties, or friends uninterested or unwilling to participate.

Stick No Bills: Never pitch your products, services, or business opportunities on someone else’s public wall, profile, or article.

In the Shop Window: Peruse your online history and see what comments you have made and articles you have shared. Then view all that through the eyes of your current boss or a potential new one. What would they make of what they see? Is there anything damaging in there that you would prefer them not to see? Once something is posted, you have no control over where it goes.

I found this on Linked In here.

There are lots of other Netiquette lists online you could add to this, but I like this one the most.