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More Thoughts on Art Room Management

By Nancy Walkup, posted on Jan 10, 2011

Just received this from Brenda Kane, a reader who offered to share her thoughts on managing large classes:



I am a bit too busy to write formally right now, sorry.  Yet I did not want to forget to do this - cause I have been there, dun that!
Just a few quick time savers / large class size ideas for art teachers and perhaps a few money saving ideas too...
For palettes use old magazines - one per table.  You can still have the paint all ready to go when students arrive in class - you can still walk around with a garbage can at the end of class - just have students rip off the top page then fold it and place in the garbage.  NO CLEANING THE PAINT TRAYS!!!!  YAY!
RULERS - have students EARN the use of them.  Use cut scrap edges of mat board collected from local framing shops until they prove that they can use them for the intended purpose not as to be bent, or used as a weapon, drum stick, or a way to etch into class table tops. 
Mat board leftovers that are too small for framing... cardboard etc. can also be used as templates for thumbnails sketches, to spread glue around a surface, or as a squeegee to flatten the paper that has been glued down -it removes air bubbles, they are also good for using as the "brush" for ink, or to create textures etc.
I have also used supply containers for the basic things that each table will need to use ready and numbered by table - then I send delegates to retrieve and replace them in a designated area each day.
I also have students do a "brush check" to see if they are clean after they have washed and dried them by wiping them on my arm - if the brush gets my skin dirty there are penalties!  ;-)  LESS WORK FOR ME!
I have to run - Wish I could write more for you.
God Bless!
Brenda Kane
I especially liked the brush check! Nancy