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More than a Market; It's a Miracle

By Nancy Walkup, posted on Jul 15, 2014

Great news! The total sales at last weekend’s International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe topped $3 million, according to information released Monday by the market operators. This year’s total added $316,784 to last year’s sales of almost $2.7 million.

Mikio Toki, Japan
Final attendance numbers were not ready yet but, with tickets capped at 10,000 per day on Saturday and Sunday, sold out on Saturday and for Friday night’s preview, an estimated 22,000 people attended, about the same as last year. More than 150 artists from around the world took part in the market.


eKhaya eKasi Art & Education Center


Over the last decade, the Market has also offered business development training to 820 artists and their representatives from more than 40 countries. Through M2M, as well as the hands-on participation in the Market itself, artists develop valuable new skills to improve their businesses, build assets, and gain economic security for themselves and their families. They also acquire the confidence needed to be successful in an international marketplace.