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Indian Market 2017

By Nancy Walkup, posted on Aug 21, 2017

We just spent two full days at Indian Market in Santa Fe this past weekend, sharing information about the programs at SAR (The School of Advanced Research) and IARC (The Indian Arts Research Center) available to Native American artists. We also enjoyed watching many dancers, especially these two boys who are only 9 and 13 years old. Though normally viewers are not allowed to take photos of dances or artwork, photography was allowed for most things.


The Olla Maidens are a family group from Zuni Pueblo. They perform with ollas (water jars) balanced on their heads to honor women who carried such jars throughout history.
 Buffalo Dance
 Many of the dancers are children and youth learning their traditional dances.
 Their regalia is equally elaborate and colorful front and back.

The hoop dancers were the hit of the show as far as we were concerned. They start learning at an early age, as evidenced by this young girl.

Diego Romero is one of my favorite Pueblo artists and one I look for each year. He paints cartoon-like images that illustrate historic and cultural events inside clay bowls.

 A dance group from Zuni Pueblo.


Every embellishments and article of clothing has meaning (though we may not be entitled to know what that is). In the Pueblo world, the right to knowledge is earned.

This boy was absolutely amazing and a joy to watch. He is destined to become a world champion at hoop dancing.

Yellow Bird Dancing/Tony Duncan is the teacher of the young hoop dancers and a five-time world-champion hoop dancer.

 Kathleen Wall's work was evident everywhere. We met her when she had an artist residency at SAR.

 The embroidery work on this boy's kilt is incredibly detailed.
 A dancer at the Scottish Rites Temple during the Zuni Show.
 Embellishment on an Olla Maiden's manta.
 Musician at the Scottish Rites Temple for the Zuni Show.

The Olla Maidens performing at the Scottish Rites Temple. There is a beautiful courtyard inside the building.

 Singing and dancing.
 The Olla Maidens were all sisters, aunts, daughters and nieces.

There were many young artists represented in Indian Market. Skate boards were a popular item.
 This photo montage of photos taken at Standing Rock was an award winner.
 The crowd favorite.
And finally, a contemporary piece by another favorite, Virgil Ortiz.