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Finding Allan Houser in New Hampshire

By Nancy Walkup, posted on Jun 2, 2014

Though SchoolArts Magazine is published in Worcester, Massachusetts, I don't live there but I do go up to meet with the staff several times a year.

In May, my husband went with me and we took a side trip afterwards to visit our friends who live in Vermont. They took us to Norwich, New Hampshire to see the Hood Museum of Art and public sculptures at Dartmouth. Though I have seen Native American artist Allan Houser's work around Santa Fe and at his sculpture garden and foundry south of there, I did not know that Houser had been an artist in residence there many years ago.
We learned that Dartmouth has a Native American Program that collaborates with faculty and staff, as well as tribal communities, "to assist Native students in their personal, social, intellectual and ethical development."  Since 1970, nearly 700 Native Americans from over 200 different tribes have attended Dartmouth.
"Allan Houser (1914–1994) was a noted American sculptor, painter, and draftsman and one of the major figures in Native American art of the twentieth century. He often drew on his Chiricahua Apache heritage when making sculptures that depict the Native American people of the Southwest. A versatile artist, he also created modernist abstract sculptures and worked in a variety of media including bronze, stone, and steel. Dartmouth College and the Hood Museum of Art celebrate the centennial of his birth with an installation of five major sculptural works in the Maffei Arts Plaza and Hood gateway, as well as a fall 2014 exhibition of drawings in the Strauss Gallery, Hopkins Center."
Hood Museum Website
At the Hood Museum
If you find yourself in Santa Fe, you can visit Houser's Sculpture Garden and Studio by appointment south of Santa Fe.