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Desert Diva: Marion Martinez

By Nancy Walkup, posted on Jul 6, 2014

Our SchoolArts/CRIZMAC group just worked with a living Desert Diva, circuit board artist Marion Martinez, at the Inn of the Governors in Santa Fe.

Marion Martinez
Marion's work is in the collection of many museums  and she has won numerous awards. As usual, Marion brought a huge assortment of recycled computer parts for us to assemble into our own original creations. She safely disassembles computer components and prepares them for safe use.
Participants make all kinds of creations from the parts Marion brings to her workshops.
Marion Martinez's Steps to Recycling Technology into Art
Salvage technology discards
Safely disassemble finds
Sort/categorize circuit boards and components
Sketch out idea/designs
Create template(s)
Select circuit board(s) to be used
Clean boards and other parts/components
Unsolder components not necessary for design (save for future use)
Transfer design to printed circuit boards
Cut out design(s)
File and sand design(s)
Steel wool and polish board(s) 
Clean and wash boards and parts
 Lay out finished design and assemble
 Clean solder flux
Clean back(s)
Sand and steel wool backs
Final wash (mild soap and water)
Photograph work
Circuit boards prepared for us by Marion.
A participant's work.
Marion speaks to a variety of audiences to raise awareness about the waste that comes from discarded technology and to encourage their creative reuse.
A beagle pin
Marion consulting with Tom.
Choosing components.

Participants hard at work.
Andy's creation, complete with remote control.
A mobile.
Marion Martinez