Creating Art in Augmented Reality

K12ArtChat the podcast, Episode 6 Resources

During the Twitter chat and podcast discussion with Jaime Donally (@JaimeDonally), many resources were shared that can be used in the classroom. Following are the questions from the Twitter chat and podcast with the resources Jaime referenced during her response.


Question 1: How could your students create layered #AugmentedReality in your curriculum?
EyeJack App

Question 2: How could your students create 3D content to tell a story using #AR?
Storyfab App

Question 3: What tool do you suggest for face swapping?
Face Replaced App

Question 4: Have you ever created 3D content in #VR?
“I’ve created art in #VirtualReality #VR and uploaded my creation in the #MergeCube using the Object Viewer app @MergeEDU.”
View examples on the ARVRinEDU blog.

Question 5: Have you ever thought about drawing around your classroom in 3D and in 360? Check out the World Brush app. What could your students create to demonstrate knowledge?
Word Brush App
EdSurge - The 10 Best AR Apps for Classrooms

Additional Resources
EdSurge articles by Jaime Donally
SchoolArts magazine December 2020 issue on Media Arts
SchoolArts magazine March 2019 issue on Media Arts

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