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Multicultural Masks

Photos from "Multicultural Mask Extravaganza!" by Beth Hubbert

Follow the steps below to learn how to make these marvelous masks. You can find the studio lesson for this project in the January 2008 issue of SchoolArts.



Step 1: Fold paper base in half symmetrically.

Step 2: Laminate the face base paper.

Step 3: Cut the laminated paper.

Step 4: Unfold the laminated paper.

Step 5: 22 x 28" (56 x 71 cm) mask pattern.

Step 6: Trace pattern for mask onto posterboard.

Step 7: Cut out the posterboard pattern.

Step 8: Trace face pattern onto laminated paper.

Step 9: Glue posterboard onto to laminated paper.

Step 10: Tape long strips of posterboard to sides of face pattern to make 3-D face.

Step 11: All sides are taped to face base.

Step 12: Trim paper to cover the 3-D face base.

Step 13: Wrap and staple paper to cover the face base.

Step 14: Trim an curve the paper around the face base.

Step 15: Complete face base face-down.

Step 16: Complete face base face-up.

Step 17: Show a small, teacher-made example for reference.

Step 18: Display a learning poster that exhibits 3-D paper embellishments for masks.

Step 19: Teacher-made patterns for 3-D paper embellishments.

Step 20: Each group sketches a design for their mask.

Step 21: Another example of a group sketch.

Step 22: Cut out an interesting symmetrical shape and glue it onto a cardboard base.

Step 23: Add a contrasting color to background.

Step 24: Trace embellishment patterns onto cardboard.

Step 25: Glue embellishments onto the face.

Step 26: Students work in teams to design their masks.

Step 27: Add embellishments to the face.

Finished mask by Chris, Blake, and Danny.

Finished mask by Sumaita, Shelby, and Heaven.

Finshed mask by Jasmine, Holly, and Ashley.



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