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Art Advocacy Articles in SchoolArts Magazine
Art Advocacy Articles
May/June 2014
The Interconnected Artroom. Kendra Farrell
April 2014
The Craft of Skill. Eldon Katter
March 2014
The World Wide Color Wheel Project. Trina Harlow
February 2014
Let's Draw on the Wall. Pam Stephens
January 2014
Winning the Creativity Game. Eldon Katter
November 2013
Collaboration and Community. Cavan Leerkamp
October 2013
The World Inside the Mind. Eldon Katter
August/September 2013
Family Art Night. Mary Coy
April 2013
The Nest. Amy Birkan
March 2013
First Steps. Eldon Katter
February 2013
The Windmill Playground. Trina Harlow
January 2013
The Truth About Art Education. Eldon Katter
December 2012
The Power of the Narrative. Hilary Frambes
November 2012
Why Teach Art? Eldon Katter
October 2012
Cultural Concerts. Ellen Mahoney
August/September 2012
Create an Arts Cafe! Elizabeth Bowles

May/June 2012
Ten Ways to Kill an Art Program. Eldon Katter

April 2012
Community Connections. Megan Giampietro
March 2012
Art Teachers Make a Difference. Eldon Katter
February 2012
Can Art Give Us Knowledge? James Magrini
January 2012
The PAYDAY Art Show. Victoria Stetts
December 2011
A Challenge to Care. Samantha Melvin
November 2011
Art Moves into the 21st Century. Ralph Caouette
October 2011
Considering National Board Certification. Susan B. Hall
August/September 2011
How to Become a Highly Effective Art Teacher. Donalyn Heise and Melody Weintraub
May/June 2011
The Indispensable Art Teacher. Donalyn Heise and Melody Weintraub
April 2011
Presenting Pecha Kucha. Debi West
March 2011
Artroom Overload. Heather White
February 2011
Keeping Art in the Spotlight. Eldon Katter
January 2011
On Art and Art Education. Rama Hughes
December 2010
Asking for Art. Leslie Ann Kunkel
November 2010
Have You Heard About the Bloom’s? Denise Clyne-Ruch
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