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How to write an article

Share your:

  • successful lessons (Pre-K up to 12th grade)
  • areas of concern
  • approaches to teaching art

Pick a topic and start writing! Think about:

  • how you would express your idea to a fellow art teacher.
  • what artist, trend, or issue influenced your idea.
  • the main ideas you are trying to communicate.
  • what teachers need to know to effectively teach the lesson.

When writing:

  • use a conversational style.
  • outline your ideas.
  • keep it to 800 words or less.

No time to write a full lesson? Start with a quick one-day lesson and submit a ClipCard! Learn more about ClipCards and how to submit one.

Submission Checklist:

  • Save your article as a Word document or PDF.
  • Include your name, school, home address, and email.
  • Include at least 4 high-quality digital images of final artworks and/or process photos (do not embed images in a Word document).
  • Include captions for each photo (student’s name, grade level).
  • Include a video that would be helpful for readers—it may be added to your article in the digital edition.
  • If showing photos or a video of students, include signed permission forms. Download the form at (download a Spanish version here). If you cannot get physical signatures, we can work with you to send out digital permission forms. Please email us at
How to submit an article

Option 1: Online

Submit Your Article and Images

Option 2: Mail

  • Save your high-resolution images to a CD, DVD, or thumb drive, along with your article text.
  • Mail your CD, DVD, or thumb drive, along with signed permission forms, to SchoolArts Magazine, 50 Portland Street, Worcester, MA 01608.

SchoolArts will respond within 3–6 months. Accepted articles are usually published within 24 months.

SchoolArts strongly discourages the practice of simultaneously submitting the same materials to more than one publication.

Download our full Writer’s Guidelines here. For questions about content, contact our Editor, Nancy Walkup at For questions about image size and quality, contact our Art Director, Julia Wade at

Author benefits include:

  • Honorarium of up to $100 per article
  • Free one-year print and digital subscription
  • Six free copies of the issue in which your article was published

Get Published in SchoolArts

Download Writer’s Guidelines

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